Feeling all over the place

Hello WordPress Family! Welcome to this great day. Judging by the title you should know this will be one of those blogs to establish what areas I am not feeling so strong in life about as of NOW. I know nothing is perfect but maybe you can relate to 1 of the areas I will talk about. Get comfy this will be longer than my usual blogs.

First of all I want to say OMG! Thanks to those who have been reading and commenting on the things that I have been writing . I hope that what I write sheds light on different things, invoked feelings or gave people some good ole laughs.

I am at 150 + subscribers. Wow amazing THANK YOU all for reading !!!

The areas I feel all over the place in are

  1. Work
  2. Blog
  3. Fitness
  4. Friendship
  5. Social Media

Lets break it down

  1. At work have you ever felt like it was time for a change? Or Your purpose in life was to do something else other than what  you are currently doing? I feel just like that but I know I have bills and they aren’t going to pay themselves.
  2. This blog I am unsure if I should do different things like review products or write about other topics other than fitness or goals.
  3. It seems like everyday I find something else I want to attempt in the fitness world like competition, instructor, personal training but am I doing it because I want to help people or because its what other people have said they think I should do ?
  4. Have you had friends who have been long term friends in the amount of years you but the are not very genuwine friends? Have you had friend that only reaches out to you on their birthday or when they need you? You know those questionable friends that cause you to think you are using the word friend loosely
  5. I have never been the best sociable person on social media. Have you ever felt like if you are not on FB, IG, Twitter or all the other sites then you kind don’t exist.

Lets clear this up slowly

  1. I am actively looking to change my career path and you can do the same. Don’t jump too fast. Pray on it and God will lead you where you need to go.
  2. I would like the input of those who read my blog..YOU. What would you like to see me write more about ?
  3. There are so many ways I can go with fitness for now I want to focus on making it to my own personal weight loss goal and worry about all the fancy stuff afterwards. Take 1 step at a time in fitness. You have all your life to get fit but please focus on your health right now
  4. I have recently rekindled friendships with old friends and I have decided I will put as much effort as they do, no more no less. Friendships maybe worth a rekindle no harm in that .
  5. I believe I jumped into social media too fast. I may delete 1 of my social media accounts and just focus on 1. I don’t want to get too caught up in social media that my real life relationships suffer.

Thanks for staying until the end

Does any of these topics resonate with you and how have you dealt with any of them?

Comment & Subscribe 🙂



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