You don’t need a cheat day? #weightloss

Many of us, my self included have gotten carried away on these so-called cheat days. I actually don’t believe too much in a cheat day but more so in a cheat snacks.

You can incorporate a snack that you want , stay in a caloric deficit & still loose weight

Heres how:

  1. Research what your daily calorie intake should be daily. Ask your physician or use a app or website. I use Authority Nutrition enter your age, height , weight & activity and it will generate suggestions for your daily calorie intake for weight loss.
  2. Eat 85% clean & 15% dirty. For example my daily calorie intake is 1366 cals a day to lose weight
  • 85% clean calories is 1162
  • 15% dirty calories is 204
  • I can squeeze in a snack of MY choice that is under 204 calories

*Disclaimer: Don’t go over board with the snack you choose, still pay attention to label for sugar, fats, carbs & sodium etc.*

3. Timing is key- If you are gonna have the snack have it in the middle of your day so               that buy dinner you would have burned off the calories.

4. Intentionally burn off 15% dirty snack calories– You want to burn off at least the                 amount of the snack calories you ate intentionally. Go for a walk, use some weights,             or workout DVD. BURN OFF those snack calories.

Why do this:

-This is so you don’t feel restricted while losing weight

-You can still eat a small portion of what you desire/want

-You won’t need a cheat day if you are giving your self a small dose of what you want daily

If you want me to do your percents for you email me I don’t mind doing it. This is what helped me loose weight I just wanted to share with you.

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