Bikini Competition: Fellow Beginners Competing ain’t easy (TIPS INSIDE)

Welcome to Monday! I have been thinking about competing and like many others I headed to Google and YouTube looking for advice or where to start. I have read articles, watch videos, reviewed meal plans and workout regimes. Then I thought to myself other than the rigorous workout regimes I pretty much eat the way a competitor does I would just need a stricter workout regimen as well as a more strategic meal plan and wa-la.

It takes much more to be STAGE ready than just a meal plan and a few workouts. After speaking to the coach I reached out to she knew her stuff, she had prepped others before and she was not focused on only aesthetics but on strength which I like. What I didn’t necessarily care for is that she offered intermittent fasting as one of her strategies for meal planning. (THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE READ my previous post) know the I have done IF and it is something anyone can figure out for themselves and I will NOT pay someone to tell me to stop eating at 7pm and I can start back eating 12 pm the next day. THATS FFREE I just told you how to do it in 2 sentences or if you want depth check out my previous post HERE But I digress.

Her prices were reasonable and she said what I kinda already know. Pretty much I have some work to do before I could even start to prep for a show. She has meal plans and workout regimes that sound great BUT I have bought dvds and meal plans before. I thought to myself why give away another dollar when I have not utilized what I already have.. I honestly think I can do the prep before the prep my self and when I go into my REAL prep then I would definitely use her as my coach.

If I truly want to compete I MUST use what I have and commit, there is no other way around it.

There is so much that goes into a bikini competition I figured this out after research and speaking with a coach.

Here is your & my take away

Beginner/ Novice Bikini competitors :

  1. Make a decision to compete a year before you step on stage
  2. Get your money together because you will need to pay for your competition, organization membership, get a coach, food, clothes, jewelry, nails, hair, makeup, posing, tanning and waxing
  3. Choose the best competition/organization  for you NPC, IFBB and WBFF
  4. Prepare to incorporate supplements like protein shakes & fat burners in your daily life during your prep
  5. Decide when your prep will truly start 20 weeks out, 15 weeks out or 12 weeks out
  6. Be aware a weightloss journey and prepping to compete have more differences than similarities. Take it from me I’ve loss a good amount of weight and I can tell it is a different ball game.
  7. Make sure your are doing it for the right reasons. Competing more than likely won’t make you famous so if that is why you are doing it, you may want to re-think

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