Ladies & Gents shall you Compete or Not Compete? Bikini or Physique

After having a consultation and doing my research the #1 question I have been asked whenever I bring up bikini competition is

Are you REALLY going to compete?

Yes. Ma’am and Sir. I have all intentions of strutting my stuff on the stage no time soon. The decision is made and easy for me to say but something I truly had to review and commit to still processing that I will do you can read about my bikini consultation here

The lean and toned body I need to compete will take some time and I know that but more than all the other fun and not so fun things that come with competing is that I am mentally prepared but NOW I need to get my body inline with the mind . I wrote some of the major things needed to compete but here are some more things one should do or think about before they compete after more research I have done

  1. Attend a event or two. You cannot just hop on stage until you have seen others do it so you know what you need to do or what NOT to do.
  2. Choose your show wisely and for your body type. Are you planning to have a full blown body building muscular body or an athletic body? You need to know what body type you are or plan to be and compete in a shows.
  3. Know what the judges like or coast. Some judges like muscles and bulk while others like to see lean and toned. Also rumor has it that from east coast to west coast what the judges want to see differs. You should know this BEFORE your prep and sign up for a show.
  4. Know you before you pay for a coach . Are you disciplined  enough to have a online coach or do you need a coach to assist you in person.
  5. Will your family and significant other take this journey with you. At minimum a prep is for 12 weeks out that means you will eat 900 to 1200 calories and workout 2 hours a day for the next 60 days ARE YOU & your family prepared? We all need support you have to have at least 1 person on your side

Do you want to compete? Have you competed?

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