Small steps: Getting Spartan Ready

Hey! How are you ? Welcome or Welcome back. So if you don’t know , I decided that I want to level up my weight loss journey by challenging myself outside of a workout or regular 5k.. Lets add some obstacles to this.


Small steps I am taking to prepare for my spartan race

  • I chose a race December 10th,2016-Los Angeles  ( Right now tickets are $79 for open race if you are interested)
  • I am am doing the Cize beach body program. This has been fun, definetly a good way to get the cardio up
  • I went to a spartan workout: (Attended) It was  free, I got a t-shirt, and I got a chance to train with a certified spartan coach/ race specialist I wrote about that HERE
  • I am volunteering for a spartan race : (SIGNED UP ALREADY) Its free, I get a t-shirt, a chance to see what  the obstacles are, look like and how they are set up and I get a race voucher  free if used the same day and $14 for a future race( This is a big deal to me being that I am thrifty aka CHEAP lol these races actually cost anywhere from $89 to $149)

I am excited yet scared. I’ve heard if it scares you and you still want to do it, it may could change your life 🙂  I feel like this is a test of what I am made of.

The goal for the spartan race is

  1. Show up & Finish

Have you done a race with obstacles?

Check out my calendar for more events before this big event.


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