DROVE 3 hours to workout: #SpartanUp

Welcome to a lovely Tuesday WordPress Family. I declared that I would do a Spartan Race at the end of this year. I wrote about it here —->>>Am I tough enough? I shared in this post that I would attend a Spartan Workout and I DID!!!!!

Me and my honey bunny woke up at 4:30am to leave the house by 5am which turned into 5:21am. We needed to be there for 8 am check in and workout would start at 9am.

On our way a certain someone was speeding and we got pulled over by Las Vegas Highway Patrol who gave us a ticket. I didn’t care about the ticket at the time( I do now I know those are some fat price tickets)but I just wanted to make it to the workout.

This was a FREE workout. Check it out Spartan Race Workout Tour they may have a free workout near you and it is WORTH going.

We got there and the crowd was trickling in. We turned in our signed waivers, got a FREE t-shirt and wristband. I did not wear my t-shirt or wristband because I wanted to earn it and put it on AFTER I made it through the workout.

There were different fitness levels but the instructor (I don’t remember the instructors name but SHE WAS BAD ASS.. she was from CampRhino, if you are in Las Vegas check them out) made sure to let us all know that

she(the instructor) didn’t care if you are

  • crying
  • throwing up (she said  she has made 683 people throw up and if you are her 700 she will give you a free t-shirt)
  • struggling
  • staggering
  • about to pass out
  • cramping
  • pretending to tie your shoe

she was not gonna go easy on any of us so #Spartan Up!

We started running across the field ( the location was on a middle school campus), up and down hills

  • crab walks
  • bear crawls
  • crunches
  • tunnel of love
  • flutter kicks
  • planks
  • v-tuck
  • superman

Every time she caught anyone walking she made us do a burpee. We did this for 2 hours with 1 water break. At the end Spartan gave out protein bars, more wrist bands, stickers and 3 spartan race tickets ( This is pretty cool because Spartan races can cost anywhere from $79 to $139 so a FREE ticket for those who won, was awesome plus to coming to a free workout)

When we started I was like ” I got this”

During I was like “What the hell did I sign us up for torture” 

At the end I was like “I did that, lets do it again, next month” (LOL) 

This was a great experience.

  1. Because a year ago I would have never gotten up at 4 in the morning to workout
  2. Me and my honey bunny did this together. He is in great shape. I could actually keep up with him which surprised him and me.
  3. I loved at the end the instructor asked all those who finished a Spartan Race to stand up and then asked how many of them helped someone else over an obstacle during a race every single person’s hand went up and I WAS TOUCHED THAT THERE WAS SO MUCH LOVE AND COMRADERY THERE. She said Spartan race is more than a race it can change your life.  ** I agree when you go through something with others its just brings you closer***

Well guess what I did, I am going to volunteer for a Spartan Race in March. I’m all signed up and have my conformation email.

What physical activities do you plan on doing this year?

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