Excuses: 4 Reasons Why Some Ladies DON’T workout

Before you chop my head off, hear me out. I can attest to these valid reasons or excuses because I used them all PLUS more. I had them down packed so good. I was ready to send them (excuses/reasons) flying toward any who dare to ask me “why don’t you workout?”  We have heard it before. “I don’t want to mess up my hair“. “I don’t wanna lose my curves“. “I am so busy, I have no time”. “No one supports me getting healthy” I’ll just tackle these reasons/excuses for now.

1.Hair: For some who know me, I change my hair style a lot and I love a good weave/hair extensions and I love it long but, is hair really a reason to not workout?  I know we pay money and spend lots of time getting our hair done. I choose to get styles now that are workout proof and when it is time for me to get fancy I do just that I get fancy but I don’t let hair stop me from getting in a good workout neither should you.

2.Curves: A nice tush or big boobs are great BUT when you do workout and loose weight these things will get smaller. There is no way to know how smaller your will get BUT you can begin to tone and spot train these areas so they can be firmer and create a great physique.


3.Busy: Yes a lot of us are busy but if we can find time to search for the latest Kim k. gossip , the newest Beyonce song or newest makeup tutorial and surf the web/google then we can find time to workout and prep our food. Workouts can be as simple as jumping rope for 15 minutes. Walking 3 times around your neighborhood block or playing with your kids outside. Its does not have to be a hardcore workout but something to keep you active. Find time to cook your meals and look up a few recipes. Designate eating out for maybe a special occasion or a certain day of the week.


4.Support: We would love for others to support us on our healthy journey but last time I checked your mom, dad , husband and best friend cannot be responsible for your health that is your business. Make it your business to get support from where you can but not let lack of support hold you down or stop you from getting healthy and working out. Get a workout buddy, find a community or go online for the support you may need.


Our take away 

Hair– Choose hair styles that are workout friendly ponytail, braids even throw on a cute hat.

Curves– You can workout to enhance the curves you already have. Working out helps you build a desired physique.

Busy– Find easy ways to stay active. Walk, jog, dance and keep it to minimum of 20 mins if you must. Cook at home. Meals you prepare in your own home allows you to know what ingredients are in your food.

Support– Find support in person or online but don’t be discouraged if some you think will support you does not. Its okay get support else where.

There are many other reasons why some of us don’t workout or maybe can not as much as we want

  • Scared
  • Medical Condition
  • Don’t know where to start

If there is a reason that I did not mention please leave a comment. Or if any of these reasons look very familiar please share your experience

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10 thoughts on “Excuses: 4 Reasons Why Some Ladies DON’T workout

  1. miscellaneousmimi says:

    Great post. 🙂 I can totally relate to the excuses you pointed out. In my case we just have to replace ‘curves’ with ‘no curves’. I was totally skinny (I started gaining weight this year) and I always thought workout would make me lose additional weight. Now I am smarter, I workout and I like it.
    Hella :*

    Liked by 1 person

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