6 Biggest *Weightloss LIES* | I wish I NEVER believed

Hear ye, here ye..My friends I have been tricked, deceived, swindled, hoaxed, and DUPED but I am not afraid to admit I believed some weight loss lies that are perpetrated in the weight loss community.

It seems like there is fitness & health craze that has swept over many of us, we are working out and eating right which is the simple key to getting healthy and shedding some pounds. BUT before some of us found out the simple key and learned the truth about losing weight, we may have believed the lies that we have heard at first but we know better now.

Maybe you have been a victim to 1 of these lies or you may want to watch out for these lies that float around so easily.

Me, I have been a victim of all of them and I would like to explain them all to you


  1. LIE: Train hard, go beast mode EVERYDAY– Some people will tell you to give 120% everyday , all day or you won’t get any weight loss results. REALITY: Yes, you do want to go beast mode BUT not every damn day that just isn’t a realistic regimen to stick with. Over training and under eating will leave your body malnourished and exhausted.
  2. LIE: Drop 30 lbs in 5 days– The extreme diet fad. The infomercials, Instagram post and YouTube videos will make you believe that losing this much amount of weight is possible. Because  you have a birthday coming up, a family or school reunion or a hot date you fall for this fad diet sales pitch. REALITY: If you see a advertisement for something like this ***ALERT ALERT ITS A FREAKING SCAM** you have to more than likely purchase some product and those results won’t be as promised. I’m all for fast results BUT somethings are just too extreme. Just walk away and matter of fact run away and  keep your money in you pocket when you see something like this.
  3. LIE: Fat burners are everything- Use this fat burner, it enhances weight loss. It will spike your metabolism to burn more energy. REALITY: Fat burners do work BUT be VERY careful  and read the nutrition labels. Most fat burners tell you to use for 60 days of less because after that it becomes less effective. Yes, you can use them but do your research and don’t allow your body to become dependent a fat burner.
  4. LIES: Diet Tea/Juicing/Detoxing-  Drink just this juice or diet tea or detox concoction and you will lose tons of weight. REALITY: This is a temporary fix and I fell for this big time but if you are only drinking liquids and not eating solid food you will lose weight and plus juicing and some of these detox teas are expensive. The weight loss is temporary so after you do that 5 day juicing as soon as you eat, those pounds will creep back faster than they left. Buy real groceries and eat actual solid food. 
  5. LIES: A celebrity is using it, it must work- (My favorite of them all) Kim K, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Demi Moore, Heidi Klum, and Oprah is using it and they said it does wonders. REALITY: These celebrities endorse some weight loss products or services for 2 reasons THEY ARE BEING PAID FOR IT or they received whatever it is they are selling for FREE. This is not to say a product or service doesn’t work at all but just remember just because a celebrity is using it doesn’t make it magic. Proceed with caution.
  6. LIES: Eat clean every damn day- Eat clean everyday will help with weight loss and get rid of ALL the bad things you are eating. Only eat fruit, veggies and meat. REALITY: Giving up anything cold turkey doesn’t end well. If you have indulged in sweets and breads your should ween yourself off of these things gradually. I operate on a 80/20 rule when it comes to eating. Eating 80% clean and 20% dirty allows you to eat majority on clean side but still indulge in the things you like or love like a piece of candy , a slice of cake or a few chips. Ease into making healthier for options. It makes it simpler to transition from eating not so good to much better.
  7. BONUS: Losing Weight is easy- Anybody can lose weight it is sooooo easssyyy to do just eat healthy and workout. REALITY: If it was so easy, we would all be in tip top personal shape. Weight loss is for everybody not for anybody. Meaning Everybody should aim to be a healthier and happier them but NOT anybody can decide and commit to do it. It takes dedication, self respect, self efficacy, high self-esteem, personal discovery, persistence and faith.

Getting to a healthier and happier us will take some work and patience but these lies make it even more harder for us to achieve success.Lets get pass these lies and get healthy by keeping it simple.

To all my getfits out there don’t fall for any of these lies and if you do want to try something do it becuase you want to not because someone persuaded you to do so.

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