4 Tips to Examine Your | Occupational Wellness

Do you like your job? Do you feel stress out after a day at work? Do you get along with your coworkers? Do you question why you are at a job sometimes? Does your current position fit your personality and lifestyle?

Depending on your answers to these few questions you may need to review your occupational wellness.

Let me pre-cursor this blog post by saying every day at work will NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT be a walk in the pack or feels like you are sipping a mojito on a beautiful beach BUT you should be experiencing 70% or more of pleasure and happiness in your current position. If you are not you may just need a mind adjustment or a game plan to find a position that will bring you pleasure and happiness if your current job is doing that for you.

Here are 4 things to review to examine your Occupational Wellness

Actual work: The work that you are there to actually do. DO you like it? For example if you are a vegan and you are a butcher this may not be as fun to do because the work itself conflicts with your personal being. You have to check if the actual work you do makes you happy and if you enjoy to do. For example I use to be a payroll clerk but I hated math so this was silly for me to even had accepted the position BUT when rent is do you have to do what you have to BUT I surely created a plan to exit that position once I figured out the core work I was doing made my head hurt and I became more grumpy day by day.

Atmosphere: Here I am talking about the actual location of your job and an office/ organization climate. Does your life mission match with the mission of the organization? Do you have to drive 2 hours to work and hate it every time? Well you may want to make sure that your goals and the company’s goals match you both of you can be going in the same direction, the last thing you want is for your company not believe in promotion but you may be looking to grow. Driving far for work is taboo because many of us do it but if the drive to work takes the wind out of you and you can barely perform your takes by the time you get there, see if your office can relocate you closer or can you do that same job closer to your home. It may be time to look into changing locations. I use to drive 3 ½ hours to go and come to work. I hated every second of it so I applied to a position that brought me 45 mins from home instead of 2 hours.

Colleagues: You are not the only person at work unless you work from home this may be different. I am talking about working somewhere you have to work with others. Do you have a coworker or 2 you talk to? DO you have back stabbing coworkers? IS it you or your co-workers causing friction? You have to think about the relationships you have to cultivate at work. DO you distance yourself? Are your willing to help out? Having some good co-worker alliance is great because it makes work feel less blah. Me for example I am not best of buds with everyone but I have not made any enemies with any one (let me not speak to soon) but I usually try to help those who help me and everyone else I help when I can, stay out of the way and don’t have water cooler talk about others at work ( now when I’m off work that’s a different lol ) No but seriously make sure your cultivate friendships at work because when you may need help with something your co-workers can be your allies.

Burn out: Don’t take work home if you do not have to. That report you have been working on not due until two weeks from now is not more important than your daughters recital, husbands birthday or grandma’s 85th birthday. You may be burned out at work because you have not set you limits. You have to set them NOW. At my new position I have set 10 commandments that will govern my life/work balance and I am sticking to it. YOU NEED TO DO THE SAME.

I am NOT saying quit your job now. But I am saying you need to try to work on areas of your occupational wellness. If you just can’t review any one of these areas it may be time for an occupation change or revamp.

How is your occupational wellness? Are you happy with your current position? Will you be making a career transition soon?

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