How To Pack a Gym Bag ? | What’s in my gym bag | FREE Gym bag check list

When you start exercising, working out , going to the gym, 1st year of gym in middle school or high school or freshman year in your kinesiology class you have to  figure out what you are going to pack in the thing you see many people luging around on their shoulder or in their car, a “GYM BAG”

Yes you have to pack your gym back right and effectively. You don’t want to have it be too bulky but you also don’t want to forget anything you may need either.

There are many goodies that you can pack but if you are new to working out or just want to restock your “GYM BAG” then this is for you

How to pack a gym bag ?

Gotta have your Essestionals:

What are you wearing? Shirt, pants, shoes, undies (sports bra) make sure you add all the clothing you will need or think you will need to your bag

Don’t forget your Extra stuff :

What are the other things you may need? Head phones, water bottle, lock, hat, arm band anything extra you know is a must should be placed in your bag

Make sure to keep it fresh with your Hygiene:

What will you use to be fresh after a good workout? Wash cloth, body, shampoo, conditioner, towel, deroderant make sure you are not the stinky person before or after you have a good workout keep your hygiene items in you bag and stocked at all times

You have to think about these 3 aspects to pack a successful gym bag!

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