5 Day Juice Cleanse | Weight Loss Challenge Results | Photos Included

The results are in and this was not what I expected. Semi Epic fail/win. I loss some weight but not the weight that I thought I would. I know that physicians recommend losing 1 to 2 lbs a week,  I doubled that but I for sure thought that I would lose more but here is what happened and the results

The Plan Was 

  • 7 days low calorie
  • 4 days low carb
  • 3 days juice

On 10/21/ 16 Start weight was 155.6lbs

Measurements :  Start & End

Waist 30 inch / 29 inch 

Hips 41 in / 40 1/2 inch

Belly Pudge 36 in/ 34 inch 

Day 1-4 seemed like slow progress.

By day 5 I saw that this was not working like I thought it would and I was only down to 153.0lbs

Then by day 7 I was up 157.2 ( when I was up I was pretty pissed because I was doing everything right as far as food intake and exercise but I was still up, just being honest here I forgot to take the picture I was that pissed I almost gave up but yes I had a weak momement )

By day 9 I was back to 155.0 and on day 9 i decided to throw this challenge into HIGH gear.

I scratched  4 days low carb.  I turned it into 2 days low carbs and made the decision to be hardcore and do 5  DAYS of  juicing/smoothie cleanse ( Check out my Instagram , I posted what I drank everyday)

Juicing is not hard but its definitely not easy. Jucice/Smoothie (Liquids allowed tea and coffee)

Lets get to the results.

From original start date 155.6 to 146.6 = 9 Lbs in 2 weeks

From the day I started the juice/smoothie cleanse 157.2 to 146.6 = 10.4 lbs in 2 weeks

So it was not the 15lbs I predicted but 4 good things came from this

  • My 3 day juice/smoothie cleanse plan (Lose 3-5 lbs in 3 days) <–is for SALE (BUY NOW)
  • I didn’t lose the amount I wanted but 8 to 10 lbs in 2 weeks is pretty darn good
  • Doing what I did when I 242 lbs at 155 lbs did NOT work. BUT now I know what worked at my higher weight doesn’t work at this lower weight. I cant eat the same and workout the same there needed to be a different approach
  • I am officially back  to being 10 lbs away  from my original weight loss  goal of 137 lbs

If any of you have any questions . Please feel free to ask me .

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