How to Re-Set Your Goals

Goal setting can seem scary but its not. Its just when you decide what you want and how you will get it. That simple enough to understand but there is a little more to a goal than just that. There is actually a planning process that has to happen but what happens when you have set a goal previously but you didn’t quite accomplish what you said you would.

Should you forget that goal? Should you give up on that goal?

No & No.

Even if you set a goal in the pass and it is still in your mind then you should revive that goal and revamp you plan to complete that goal.

I said I would participated in a Spartan race this year but that goal has been reset for April 2017. I needed to re-vamp my plan. I want to walk you through the resetting of a goal and what you need to reset and go after your goal.

  1. Identify your goal. You have to know what you want to do in order to set a goal
  2. Decide what you need to do. What steps would you need to do now to get to your goal
  3. Set a time and date to review the progress on your goal
  4. Complete 2 task toward your goal every week
  5. Share your goal with others to hold you accountable

There is no shame in starting a goal over. This just means you had more time to discover how you would complete the goal even better when you get to your goal finish line.

Now its your turn, how do you reset your goals?

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