Welcome to December | I’m calling YOU out BUT Are You Down?

It’s time for cold weather, hot cocoa, and new goals. Being that we are officially 30 days from the New Year this is about the time many people squander around to think what my New Year resolution will be.


I am all for planning for the future


But what about the 30 days you have left in this year. Before you start planning for next year what about planning for the next 30 days and see how awesome or awesome-er (is this a word lol) you came make the rest of the year.

I say awesome for the people who are having an already good year and they want to keep the momentum going and bring it into the New Year.

I say awesome-er for the people whose year may not have been what they want it to be but they can still end the year on a great note and have it roll over into the New Year.


Grab something to write with (anything crayon from you kid I don’t care)

Write down 1 goal that you WILL accomplish in the next 30 days!

Yup I challenge you to complete 1 goal of your desire in the next 30 days.

Here is the criteria of the goal

  • A goal that will require you to do some steps (no I can do this in 5 mins type of goal)
  • A goal that will challenge your comfort zone
  • Something that will make next year better
  • Something that will add value to your life
  • Something that you may have wanted to do but just haven’t (you may have needed a push ) Here is the push you need . A push with love lol. But no seriously, YOU. BETTER. DO. THIS.

Since I am challenging YOU , you know I am challenging myself as well.

Here is my 30 day goal and hold me to it

I MUST write a 3 pitches to a magazine and or online website that accept guest blog post (I’ve written this down but just haven’t had the guts, its simple to write on my own site but writing for someone else is super different and I want to try it) this has been on my to do list since I started gojenbefit.com but now I am challenging you over the next 30 days and I am doing the same.

I am doing a live steam this Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 on YouTube.

10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern time.

I’ll see you there

Topic: Goal Setting the Rest of 2016 <-Link it will take you to the YouTube Live Event

Length: 30 mins

Are you going to accept the 30 day goal challenge?

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