Befit 2017 Weight Loss Challenge | Are you down?

I am back at it again. No time for love lost or tear shed about not being able to lose weight before because YOU WILL NOW. I am bringing you  the FREE 21 day challenge with grand prizes and weekly incentives.

*******Registration Closed*******12 Lucky ladies registered*******

                           Next Challenge 7 Day “Befit Spring Break” 3/6/17 to 3/12/17 

Wanna participate Befit Weight Loss Challenge

#Befit2017 21 day challenge

START: January 9th  2017

END: January 29th 2017

Official Challenge Hash tag: #Befit2017

Check out my YouTube Video explaining everything

BEFIT2017 Challege Video 

Why is it different than any other challenges?

  • You don’t have to pay to participate (IT’S Free)
  • I will not send you some guide then leave you without guidance
  • You could win prizes NOT JUST based on weight but inches, bodyfat and participation * MUST SUBMIT BEFOR AND AFTER PHOTO” to qualify for grand prizes . Weekly Prizes available for all participants to have a chance to win
  • You get to be apart of a Exclusive/ Supportive FaceBook group
  • 12 Lucky Ladies only
  • I Will NOT Force you to buy anything during this challenge (IT’S FREE, duh)
  • You get a FREE 7 day meal plan and exercise guide

What’s the catch:

At the end of challenge I will ask participants to answer a 5 min survey. (THAT’S IT FOLKS)

Weekly Prizes:

Best Weekly Participation announced every Friday 9pm pacific time during the challenge 13th, 20th, 27th

$5 (gift card)

Grand Prizes:

Most Pounds  Loss  $25 (gift card)

Most Body Fat Loss $15 (gift card)

Most Inches Loss $10 (gify card)

Participants results announced 1/31/17

Check out the Befit Challenge Page for details for ENTER.

Befit 2017 Challenge

12 participant Max** First sign up , first served basis

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