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Some of you who visit this little ole blog know I don’t like sharing the good unless I share the bad. Let’s get the most horrible life event out the way 1st. My co-worker committed suicide. No you didn’t mis-read. I still have the text messages he sent me in my phone because we were supposed to be workout buddies to train for the Spartan race. This hurt my soul to know that someone who sat not even 10 inches from me took his own life and felt like life was so hard that he had no one to talk to or share his feelings with. God bless his soul.

The second bad thing that happened wasn’t as bad as my co worker  taking his own life by far far far did I say far …but it made me believe in man kinds honesty just a little less. Someone hit my car. Her hitting my car wasn’t a problem , hey I have insurance but she got out her company car , apologized to me profusely ,stating how it was her fault and she was so sorry but like a real life scum bag that she turned out to be , she told the insurance company other wise. She told them I hit her and I was irate. Irate where?when? I know that’s not that horrible but I actually believed she would take the fault for it because she did hit me. I guess I was naive to think she would tell the truth. It ended up being 60% my fault and 40% hers. In state of California the person backing out is most reliable and I was backing out but she turned the corner like a maniac but I digress.  I got it fix.

Now that  we have gotten the not so feel good stuff out the way lets get to the more brighter side of 2016 for me.

Top 5 Life Changers

  1. I am now certified group fitness instructor with NASM. I studied for 2 months to take that test, I passed. I was relieved because I actually doubted my self for a minute. I have been trained in weight loss management, group coaching and nutrition planning with ACE.
  2. nasm.jpgace.jpeg
  3. I started my PHD program in health science. Lets just say, I thought they expected a lot in a masters program. I quickly learned a PHD will drain your soul if you LET IT and I won’t . I am in no rush. I could finish in 2018 but I don’t want to rush my dissertation and I am tired of all those people judging my writing and trying to change my dissertation question.
  4. images.jpeg
  5. I am proud to say that I have ventured into coaching and meal planning. I swore I wouldn’t but turned out I can help so many people because  I understand where some people are coming from on a weight loss journey because I have been there. Through wanting to help people eat a nutritious meal that aid in weight loss  I opened my etsy shop Brains and Beauty fitness where I sell weight loss meal plans and weekly 1 on 1 coaching.
  6. etsy
  7. If any of you followed my career story previously you  know that I was scratching and kicking to change my career from human resource/payroll to social services. I did and I was scared frightened but I stepped out on faith. After a written test, panel interview, finger printing, psychological evaluation with a psychologist , 10 week mandated training. I am proud to announce that I am a social worker, one of the best decisions I made in 2016.
  8. sw
  9. I feel like this year was my coming out year. I spoke more proud about Gojenbefit and how I wanted to help others. I felt so passionate about my story I shared it with Black Women Losing Weight and guess what they FEATURED my story on their website, Facebook and Instagram. People showed me so much love and I was surprised of all the great things people had to stay
  10. Here is the Featured story and photo they used



Top 5 Events of the Year

  • Polar Bear Plunged in Seattle I was in the Seattle times. How awesome!!!
  • seatimes
  • Spartan Training in Las Vegas . Oorah
  • 20160109_110903.jpg


  • Fit Expo in Anaheim with Mr. ISYMFS CT Fletcher
  • 20160124_192129
  • The Color Run in San Diego with my boo
  • 20160710_080824
  • Blog Fest in Los Angeles learning how to be a better blogger
  • 20160714_100422.jpg


Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Post

1st Most viewed 5 Day Juice Cleanse

2nd Most Viewed What is a DietBet?

3rd Most viewed /2st Most Liked How to Survive a 5k

4th Most viewed 4 Reasons Women Don’t Workout

5th Most Viewed 8 Types of People to Avoid if you are trying to Lose Weight

Bonus Random Top 5

  • I started a YouTube Channel Gojenbefit
  • I started a SoundCloud Gojenbefit
  • I started a meetup group (I closed it, but it taught me alot. I will focus on my challenge groups) (PRIVATE GROUPS/ INVITE ONLY) 
  • I created my first prayer book / I have been apart of a prayer line ( SPIRITUAL GROWTH)
  • I created a library of FREE self help worksheets that anybody who wants it can download and use.The Library

There is more that I could share but lets keep it right here.

Now it is YOUR turn and  you know I have a goodie JUST for YOU.

Ultimate Personal Annual Review Guide

Personal Annual Review Guide (1).png

I created the Ultimate Personal Annual Year Review guide for anyone who wants to reflect on 2016 and prepare for 2017. It’s to help you review your year and make next year even better.

Ultimate Personal Annual Review Guide

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2 thoughts on “Personal Annual Review | Top 5 | Bad & Good | FREE Guide and Photos Included

  1. fitnessgrad says:

    I am sorry about your loss, that is very saddening. No words can even begin with what I am feeling for you. Wow.
    On a good note, the whole car accident made me laugh reading it because of the chick’s actions! lol. I found it very funny indeed- sorry. Glad you got things fixed though.
    On a better note, congrats on being certified and having ACE training as well, that is amazing and I wish you well in your profession as a social worker. Also, I had not know you were getting your PH.D, that is very awesome you will soon be a doctor! I am excited for you girl!
    Slay! Slay! Slay IT!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • gojenbefit says:

      Thank you Shay-Lon for your nice words. My Co-worker was a shining star. 27 and had his life ahead of him. I guess life got too rough for him.
      But the whole car accident, such a scammer.
      Thank you for always stopping and showing me blogger luv. I highly appreciate you !


      Liked by 1 person

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