Confession #3 of my weight-loss journey: Getting ATTENTION

Last Saturday friends finally talked me into going out. I hadn’t seen some of these friends in months. Being that I knew I was going out later that night I made it an effort to hit the mall.

The mall was interesting as it has been lately because out of habit I head to the plus size section. I don’t belong there anymore but I just gravitate that way and I still go to that section.

As I walked through the mall guys are giving me looks and trying to approach me. WAIT WAIT WAIT since when have I become a hot commodity.

Later that night when I go out with friends…. they see me. 1. everyone was surprised because they thought I was going to be a flaker/no show. 2. everyone began to comment on how great I looked and again guys approached me. I was even sent a admirer drink  but  the waitress wouldn’t say from who.

I ran into a old co-worker whom I admired from a far about 2 years ago. But when he saw me you could have sworn we use to date the way he was in my space, lurking around me, trying to hug me and hold a conversation.. when 2 years ago he paid me no mind.

The attention became interesting to me.

  • The compliments
  • The stares
  • The questions
  • The flirtation

Its overwhelming and will take some getting use to. Again I wish someone would have shared with me that a weightloss journey is about more than just weight loss your emotions are involved as well.

Have you gotten attention because of a transformation? Was it weird? Overwhelming?

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