10 Month Anniversay: *Weightloss Journey*

Yesterday marked the date ,10 months ago I decided to get fit,healthy and change my life. I know I know *side eye* 10 months isn’t big.. You’r probably thinking come post a blog when you are 1 year in. Well I have learned a lot over these last 10 months and I gotta share. The things I’ve learned are life lessons not only for weight loss but for life. I am 81 lbs down, not stopping and I am ecstatic.

10 things I’ve learned in 10 months on this weightloss journey

  1. Celebrate every win you make. Some celebrations will be bigger than others but don’t forget to celebrate
  2. You will have cheerleaders and critics/naysayer. Take the good with the bad
  3. Set a goal and CRUSH IT even if you reach your goal 15 days after its due date still keep going after it
  4. Its a slow process. S…..L…..O….W… things seem so slow when you are doing it but when you look back you’re like wtf
  5. Strangers may be more supportive than people you love …hurts to read and hear but its the truth
  6. Mindset is everything if your mind isn’t ready ..turn around and come back when it is
  7. Ask for help from people you know can help you and help others along the way no matter what
  8. Prayer works … no for real… for real. Be thankful and pray. It will help you through the times you struggle
  9. Invest time, money, and effort in yourself . There is only one you..*Please treat your self with care and caution*
  10. Don’t compare yourself or journey to anyone else . Write your own story don’t copy anyone else’s.

There’s more I’ve learned but I’ll leave it at this for now. I have to save more for when I make it to 1 year or 100 lbs down which ever comes first.

I celebrated yesterday *I had Chik-fi-la 4 ct nuggets, fries and their lemonade frozen shake* Its was delicious..Back to eating clean today. (Hey a girl gotta have fun still)

What have you learned when decided to make ANY lifestyle change weightloss, career, school, parenthood, entrepreneurship?

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