Photo shoot: CANCELLED

I was not very prepared for my upcoming photo shoot that was supposed to happen this Friday at 11:30 am. Well guess what that’s okay because THERE IS NO PHOTO SHOOT HAPPENING. Yes I was looking forward to showing off this new body. But along with this photo shoot goal. I have set a few more larger and more important goals in my life . I was just notified that I am


For those of you who have or will buy a home, these are the three words you are praying for especially after they (the bank) puts you through all the conditions, questions, document request, signatures, disclosures and explanations.  I am going to be signing OFFICIAL papers for my brand new home the same date and time that  I was supposed to be doing my photo shoot.

Yes people I will soon be new home owner. This time next week I will have keys in my hand that will open the doors to the new home that will belong to me.

The photo shoot will be re-scheduled. I am seeing if the photographer has any available spots for December since that is my birthday month. Thankfully this photographer allows 1 rescheduling without fee penalty. Its bitter sweet but I think getting the paper work signed for my house is a little more important than a photo shoot.

Happy Tuesday everyone !

“get your mind right and your body will be right too ”


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I will be sharing with you all my goals for the rest of 2015 real soon.

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