Ultimate Women’s Expo- I expected more

Thanks to my job I was an exhibitor/vendor at this event. While I was there to recruit the best candidates for my employer, I was also able to experience this wonderful event which I wanted to attend any way. This was a win win for me, I liked it but I don’t know why I expected more from this event than the regular sell and buy events.

This was at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I went Sat Oct 17th, 2015

They were giving away free make up, free hair cuts, free samples of food or products and some awesome people were speaking on the stage but I  couldn’t barely hear because the music blasted so loud. They had some celebrity guest speakers listed but I didn’t get a chance to see. (Well…. I was there to actually work lol but I did get a chance to browse a few aisles)

Here are my gripes about this event: 

  • I wished it was more about empowering women versus talking women into purchasing products at a expensive price that they didn’t need.
  • I wanted it to be more about informing and inspiring women about how to goal set, balancing motherhood, life and work as well as how to negotiate for themselves.
  • I only dreamed it was about sharing with women strategies about saving money, investing, building credit and ownership.

So much for wishful thinking. This was more like a fancy farmers market or a marketing event targeting women. Putting in one spot what people believe women like. People selling products, haggling and talking women into purchasing unnecessary things.

It was entertaining but I expected more from a ULTIMATE women’s expo.

Have you been to a women’s expo or any expo and it wasn’t what you expected?

” Get your mind right and your body will be too”


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