Who cares about working out? Summer is over….

Counting the days to get fit for the summer is over for many of us. Nobody is worried about having that bikini body or chiseled abs for the beach or summer pool party anymore.

Funny thing happened when I went to purchase new workout clothes over the weekend.

Me: Enter store, walk to where I last remembered the workout close being. Its gone and replaced with granny sweaters..

I laugh ( I like granny sweaters but that’s not what I was looking for)

Stranger: Looks at me like I have lost my marbles

Me: I say to stranger “guess they moved the workout clothes”

Stranger: “I think I say something over there” as she gestures to the left

I walked over to the where the kind stranger pointed and the workout clothes went from being 2 racks and a whole display wall to 1 mediocre corner rack  near the purses with not much to choose from.

WOW I guess getting your workout in is only important when summer is near and we are scrambling through google and YouTube videos to see how we can loose 20 pounds in 10  days since summer is only a month away.

**Living a healthier lifestyle is a life thing. Not a summer only thing, drop a few pounds before my birthday thing or I want to make my ex boyfriend or girlfriend gravel to their knees thing (well i love this one). It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE that means for LIFE.

Yes, I know Fall is more of a take it easy season but in my opinion it should be prep season for those who want to be 2016 ready. While everyone else is celebrating the holidays and packing on the pounds,inches and forgetting all the hard work they already put into themselves.

Lets be wise

  • Keep your mindset positive and uplifting
  • Plan your meals
  • Get in at least 3 workouts a week… walking , jogging, yoga… just get that boo-tay moving
  • Have a short term and long term goal
  • Stay prayed up. God is the way people I promise you

This is the time to have the most discipline and will power. Between halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinners, potlucks, cookies and candy we have to stay focused.

I’m not saying don’t partake in holiday festivities and treats please do (don’t be a stickler in the mud) but this is great time to pay attention to what you are eating and what you are doing to burn it off.

Maybe I’ll do a transformation Tuesday and get my Instagram truly started

I’m doing the military diet again but this time with my mom and sister. I will follow food specifically no substitutes.

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