5 goals for the rest of 2015

I did a goal setting assignment. I recommend you take time and do it yourself if you already haven’t. Here is the assignment CLICK HERE—–>Goal Setting Assignment #2 or not . Any who for me this is about believing in God and my self, being fearless and thankful.


Coming in to 2015 I set 3 Goals

  1. Lose 50 pounds (Did it)
  2. Buy my 1st home (Get Keys on 10/20/15)
  3. Establish my non-profit (Did it..Official 7/23/15) Planning a youth conference for Summer 2016

5 goals for the rest of 2015

  1. Design a prayer board and utilize it. I am excited (THIS IS BIG like no real big)
  2. Apply for 37 Education career positions. If I apply for 3 positions each week until Dec 31st that’s 36 jobs but my favorite number is 7 so I added one. (THIS IS BIG) I admit this scares me but no time to be scared only time to be fearless and believe that God will place me in the correct Education position.
  3. I would like to weigh 137 lb on my birthday. That will make 100 lbs gone for my weight loss journey. 22 lbs to execute from now.
  4. I would like to volunteer and be of service on my birthday no gifts, no cake, no party just helping and serving others.
  5. I would like to complete a nutrition course by the end of the year to become more knowledge about my health and food that I intake.

I believe all of these goals are achievable in the rest of 2015. These goals are planting seeds for

  • Spiritual growth
  • Career transition
  • Healthy body weight and image
  • Acts of service
  • Personal and professional development

What goals will you accomplish in the rest of 2015?

Need help goal setting? Email me gojenbefit@gmail.com

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“Get your mind right and your body will be too”


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