Is your new year resolution to lose weight?

Many of us say hey I’m gonna drop some weight in the new year. I was just there last year saying how I would get in shape and make it stick. This time I did but let me tell you I also said that 3 new years resolutions earlier. Yes I tried, failed, and convinced myself that I was happy the way I was. Mentally I felt happy but sometime physically I felt blah.

Maybe you have attempted and didn’t stick to it. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you don’t want people to judge you for wanting to change. Maybe you are the plus size friend/sister/co-worker that everyone loves and that’s your role don’t want to mess up the flow

BUT I want you to know

You can change. Scratch loosing weight off your resolution list and put it on your goal list.

You can do this.

It won’t be easy but it not that hard either

Start small

  1. Walk 30 mins for 3 times a week
  2. Drop the pop and juice. Drink water
  3. Use an app myfitnesspal,loseit,sparkpeople ..track calories
  4. Find support online or in person
  5. Make a personal commitment to stick to it…key word is personal … this is your choice and no one else




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