Do people treat you differently after weightloss?

F-Yeah they do. Weight loss is a personal journey but you would be surprised how much you have to deal with other peoples emotions and feelings when you are on a weight loss journey.

All of a sudden you notice that the people you thought would support you 100% all have something to say. Some good and some bad.

Friends, family , significant others,co-worker, and people who think they know you but they really don’t.

Let’s talk about the bad different

  1. People want to talk to you who never talk to you before (flirting included)
  2. People make nasty and negative comments
  3. People question you for eating less
  4. People criticize your working out or going to the gym too much
  5. People claim you have changed (which you have but not in the context that are saying it)
  6. People constantly ask if really did it naturally or did anything extra (pills, surgery, drinks)
  7. People think that you think you are better than them
  8. People don’t want to eat regular around you because they think you are judging them
  9. People don’t invite you out because they think you are always dieting
  10. People remind you that you were once XXX size and don’t you forget it

No Lets get to the good stuff 

  1. People become interested in your story (truly want to hear what you have to say)
  2. People want to your advice more than before (people see your results and now know that it can be done)
  3. People congratulate you on your success (constantly which is good but accepting a compliment may be hard…well it is for me)
  4. People feel comfortable around you (people see you as more down to earth)
  5. People share that you inspire them (More people told me I inspire them more than I’ve ever heard in my life)
  6. People want your opinion on their workout or food choices (I always tell people I am NOT a personal trainer, I’m just telling you my experience)
  7. People ask will train them or when will you become a personal trainer (lol one step at a time)
  8. People brag about you and your story ( my co-worker & personal trainer do this all the time even asking to share my before and after pics)
  9. People encourage you on the days they see you are feeling low (this is much needed for everybody)
  10. People want to follow what you have done ( you are a role model now even though you didn’t apply for the job )

I made this list even to show that with anything we do, not just weight loss there will be the nay-sayers or negative on one side and the supporters on another side.

Moral is stick your goal. No matter what people will treat you different if you are doing something they wish they had the courage to do or looking at you as an example of how to do it.

Have you done something in your life and people treated you different because of it?


2 thoughts on “Do people treat you differently after weightloss?

  1. Julianna says:

    Always it’s about doing it because it’s right for us. What others say is just a reflection of where they themselves are at. (You can tell a lot about a person through that lens…)

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