I’m still jiggly, flabby, & bulgy- WEIGHTLOSS

I feel like I have gotten a little side tracked from why I really started this blog in the first place. With all my goals talk.. MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.. Yes it is true now I can say it after a certain amount of weight the scale isn’t what you let dictate your overall success… YES I still weigh myself …  but small things that have nothing to do with the scale can show you that you are having progress.

Beyond the scale for me

  • I can go longer in high heels
  • My grandmothers ring and my engagement ring no longer fits
  • My wardrobe is no longer all black
  • I can cross my legs
  • Not ashamed to get undressed at the gym
  • I can have coffee without it feeling like an enemy
  • I can go 30 mins or more on the treadmill without feeling like Im about to drop dead
  • My legs don’t rub together and burn when I walk
  • I don’t feel like everyone is watching me at a buffet
  • Proud to put my trash can at work out for the custodial staff to pick up and not feel embarrassed from the snicker wrappers, wingstop bag, chips and soda cans pilled in there
  • No more over sized hoodies to hide my body

Personal beyond the scale for me

  • Shirt – 1Xl to S
  • Pants- 18 to 4
  • Dress- 16 to 2
  • Undies- 10 to 4  and 42 to 34

I Still have 

  • Belly bulge
  • Stretch marks
  • Flabby arms 
  • Jiggly thighs 


Its one day at a time and who said everything would be perfect.

I can work on those things.

What are your non-scare victories ? I would like to know if you see ANY difference… every bit counts


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