Whose freaking goals are these anyways?

You have goals.The person you maybe in a relationship with has goals. Your friends have goals. You family may have goals


Do you have your own goals? Yes I know we should have goals similar to the ones we surround our self with but not all goals will be equal and not every goal you or someone else makes is a group or couple effort.

TRUE STORY IS : sometimes your goals or others peoples goals WILL not mesh all the time . LETS CUT THE CRAP do you stop being friends with a long time friends because she wants to go to med school and you want to go to law school…. ummmm no…exactly not everyone’s goals will be all kumbaya. 


Some goals are singular. Just for you. Yes you will need support and maybe even encouragement but sometimes that may not be offered to you and that is okay. Some goals you may have to go after alone and maybe even in silence.

Of course with a significant other , family , and friends we should create goals with them and we should aim to accomplish these goals …or whats the popular hashtag I see floating around #SQUADGOALS … yes these are great but …

MORAL  OF THIS POST is have squad goals but

PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN GOALS. What you want is important and your goals matter as much as the group goals, couple goals, family goals, friends goals and #squadgoals. More than likely the goals you have will benefit you and the squad so set your squad goals but don’t disregard the best goals of them all YOUR OWN GOALS.

Not about being selfish but about caring about you enough to go after what you want at times.



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