I’m not buying that “Weightloss junk” you are selling

Hey WordPress Family! Welcome to Monday. I have a small beef to pick with people selling services and or products but then I hear, find out or can blatantly see they are no way, shape or form truly doing/using what they are selling.

Before you yell at me in the comments section, this does have nothing to do with people who are their products. If you sell something and you embody and have used that thing then I am not talking about you.

I am talking about

  • People selling or endorsing  teas but have never used them
  • People selling  or endorsing waist trainers but have no idea how they work
  • People suggesting work outs they have never attempted, done or completed
  • People reviewing items because they were paid too not because they actually like the product
  • People selling these 1 size fit all meal plans
  • People selling you a workout program but they look like they have not worked out since high school P.E class
  • People selling products because they are naturally small and use their size as a ploy to attract more clients but have not or will not use the product they are trying to sell you
  • The personal trainer who looks like they need a personal trainer
  • The weight loss coach who hasn’t lost weight since the millennium

I NEED PROOF DAMN-IT.  If you are going to sell, endorse, push or suggest anything I want proof.

Yes I said it, I need proof that you have done it and the results you got.

If you are new to your weight loss journey . I suggest your do your research before you give anyone  your time or money because you deserve for whatever you invest in,  to be worth it and some of the people trying to sell you products and services are not worth a nickle. 

Not to say that there aren’t some good products and services out there just… BE CAREFUL.

This blog post was sparked because I ran into someone from high school selling XX product but felt so comfortable to confine in me that they really don’t use XX product but since they have an appealing body they just tell people the product has helped them to gain this physique.

I’m done. The nerve of some people.

Do you want the person selling you a product to just know about it or to have used it?

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The photo used does not belong to me.


16 thoughts on “I’m not buying that “Weightloss junk” you are selling

  1. BiancaBlogs says:

    I am all about losing weight and getting fit NATURALLY! There is no need for any of the fake substances and expensive diets they sell.

    Follow a nutrition plan with substantial exercise and you’ll see the right results.

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  2. Ice_Badger says:

    I have a slight issue with the “personal trainer who looks like they need a personal trainer”
    Just because someone is not 100% stereotypically fit looking doesn’t mean they haven’t got the knowledge and skills to help others.
    Also, it is perfectly possible to be fit, healthy and capable whilst still being in the middle of your own transformation.

    (yes I am totally talking about me!)

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    • gojenbefit says:

      I understand there people who are on their own journey to where they want to be but still wiling to train and help someone else. I get that I actually respect those people who are not the picture perfect fitness looking models because I know that person has put in some work and still working at it.
      I am talking about those who just are not doing any physical activity, potentially unhealthy, and don’t have any intentions of changing but feel because they have a personal trainer certification that they should be able to tell/boss others around on their journey but not doing anything themselves.

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  3. journeytoward says:

    Agreed! I really enjoy the people who show before and after photos and obviously suck in their stomachs. They have no weight loss anywhere else, face, arms, chest, just the obviously sucked in stomach. There are also the face cream people who put a filter on their photos and expect me to believe that the blurred out image means results.

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Lol I forgot about people any the creams that they swear make a difference. Just because the photo is from a different angle does not mean there is a result you just moved the freaking camera 🙂 .. Thanks for commenting

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      • journeytoward says:

        Right! I have some family of family on my personal facebook who are always pushing stuff. If they weren’t family I would have lost it on them by now.


      • gojenbefit says:

        Lol well be nice to family and I will admit some things do work. But I am a little skeptical if someone is selling a product but can’t tell me how to use it or they have not used it themselves


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