Join me for a 3 day Cleanse

What you will need:



Cayenne Pepper

Grade B syrup


Sea Salt

Smooth move tea (peppermint or constipation)


How to make 16 oz or 2 cups

Fill a bottle with 16 oz or water

Squeeze 1 lemon  in the water

1/2 of a tea spoon of cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon of grade b syrup

Drink hot or cold

Why master cleanse (MY OPINION) ?


  • Regulates your system (what goes in will come out)
  • Resets your eating habits (even in 3 days you will see when you are truly hungry or not)
  • Weightloss (you may loose water weight (maybe 1 to 3lbs or more) It can reset or jumpstart your body to embark on a weightloss journey or if you have been eating (crap like me ) it can flush out what you have taken in
  • Mental clarity ( you do think clearer without focusing only on whats your next meal)
  • It is simple to do and easy to make ( hunting down the grade b syrup will probably be the hardest task)

I have done this twice

  • once for 3 days
  • once for 6 days (day 4  I felt like crap, day 6 I thought I was gonna eat somebodies hand)

**Disclaimer please don’t do this solely for weighloss purpose (more than likely you will gain it back) this is for detox or cleanse purpose **

Overall challenge yourself. Lets see what you are made of 🙂

Email me  if you have any questions. Talk to a physician if you do want to attempt this or any other detox or cleanse .

Follow me.. I will be posting pics and comments while doing my master cleanse 🙂


Twitter: Gojenbefit

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