Completed : 3 Day Sexy Slim Down Meal Plan

Hello and the results are in. I have decided that I would love to put my meal plan to the test and see if it gets results **Cough Cough** ( I know it does) BUT I have to show it right?

My meal plan is budget friendly, easy to navigate, and FREE.

I would venture to say that if you used correctly there will be results ahead.

Scale and None scale: ( Result pictures will be shared on IG ) 

4/11/16 :I stepped on the scale it showed 163.8 not surprising. I keep floating around 157 to 165 RESULTS 159.2 (4.6 lbs loss) 

4/11/16: I measured my waist and it was 34 inches. I prefer 32 inch. RESULTS 33 1/2 (1/2 inch loss)

The plan:

  1. Eat the food I have on the meal plan. ( Intermittent fasting 16/8) my eating window is from 1200pm to 7pm. I packed my dinner in my lunch bag so I had my my last meal by 7pm.
  2. I Worked out at minimum 30 mins each day( I will waist train during my workout)
  3. Water, tea and maybe coffee (NO ADDED sugar) 82 oz was the target
  4. Get rest as soon as I get home ( I have this bad habit of knowing I need to be asleep but then I turn around and watch movies, tv shows and go to bed late)

What happened:

  1. I ate 1200 to 1350 calories for 3 days. I had snacks that were not on the meal plan each day. Day 1. Fiber 1 oatmeal bar. Day 2. Nature One granola bar. Day 3. 8 oz Vanilla Steamer from Starbucks a mini Reese cup and 1 tootsie roll.
  2. I worked out using the cize dvd 45 mins or more
  3. I had majority water but I had that vanilla steamer from Starbucks
  4. I stayed up watching TV so I did not get as much sleep as I thought I should

** I noticed that my meal plan did good calorie wise BUT carbs and sugar I went over my intake everyday making me feel like I HAD to workout to negate what I ate in sugar and carbs. I will revise some of the foods that I suggest so that I not only include calories but  other nutrition facts like carbs, fats, sugar and sodium**

Your take away:

  1. Pack/ prep your OWN food. Log or write it down and stick to what you have. It saves you money and you know what you are having no guessing game.
  2. Get active for 30 mins. Find a workout that you put in minimal time but get great results HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  3. Drink water. Half your body weight or maybe a gallon if you can.
  4. Get some rest. Your body needs to rejuvenate.
  5. You can be flexible with your meal plan , no harm in that.

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My FREE meal plan will be available in the download section 4/30/16.

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