We DON’T care about your weightloss journey, so shut up


Sometimes being on a weight loss journey but wanting all your family and friends support may not mix. But don’t you fret I want you to know that it is okay to not have 100% support because its YOUR journey overall.

Some of your family or friends may not want to talk about your 5 mile run you did last night, your new workout gear, all your gluten free goodies you’ve tried, how you just broke a plateau, you’re down 0.4 lbs this morning or the marathon/race/walk you just signed up for .

I am not saying don’t share with everyone I am saying just know when to keep your weight loss journey and family/friends separate.

There are a plethora of reasons people may not want to hear about your weight loss journey. Maybe you overshare too much. Maybe it makes them reflect on themselves. Who knows why, but it is best to keep your weight loss journey and family/friends separate if you see it becoming a issue between you and others.

Here try these 3 things

  1. When conversing stay far away from the topic of weight loss UNLESS you know that the other person wants to talk about it or they bring it up
  2. Find weight loss buddies online or in person who are as fanatic about all your weight loss stuff as you and talk to them about just that, weight loss
  3. Silence is bliss, proceed on your weight loss journey silently and share your accomplishments as you see fit.

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