Lose Weight On a Budget | 5 Items under $2

Yes, you can lose weight on a budget. I consider myself a budget connoisseur who seeks to inform the public of low prices. Ok..ok I’m freaking cheap & I don’t like spending my hard earned money on overly priced crap, so if you are like me then this list below is for you.


I am a big fan of the dollar store. The cashier at my local dollar store even knows my name and they know I show up every Sunday for my pickings of whatever is new.

You can get awesome stuff from the dollar store overall. But lets talk about the great stuff you can use for losing weight at the dollar store.

5 items under $2 that can assist YOU with weight loss

Tea & Diet Tea (Cost $1/Food Section)– Regular tea is great to slow down on coffee & soda. It can add flavor to your water. The dieter’s tea is a laxative tea that someone can take to clean out their bowel system. Why pay $50 to $200 for a colonic when you can buy this tea & get similar results. It gets the job done every time. If you drink the dieter’s tea it can take up to 6 hours to take affect and you need to be near a bathroom.


B12 shot (Cost $1/Health Section ) – Do you need a boost of energy before your workout? Don’t want to always buy monster or red bull drinks (loaded with sugar might I add) to get through a workout? Well some stores carry B12 shots as a pill and as a drink. Drink 30 mins before your workout for that boost of energy and be careful of consuming too much. Too much of anything is not good.


Jump rope (Cost $1/ Kids games section)– Some of us like to workout in the comfort of or own home own don’t have gym membership. Jumping rope for 15 mins at a decent speed potentially can burn 100 to 150 calories.



Measurement Cups (Cost $1/Utensil Section)– We all don’t want to pay for fancy topper wear that are sectioned off for $20 or more. So instead get you some measuring cups and measure your food yourself.

Popular measurement porition= 1/4 cup protein & 1/4 cup starch  & 1/2 cup vegetables

Example Meal

2 oz. Baked Chicken

2 oz. Brown Rice

4 oz. Cauliflower


Pedometer/Step Counter (Cost $1/ Health Section) : I know some of us have smartphones or a fancy gadget watches like Fitbit, Polar, Nike + to count our steps but for some of us who are not ready for all of that yet or just starting out , you can find a step counter at the dollar store. Clip it on you pants and get your steps in. These usually go to 10,000 steps which is almost 5 miles and you can always hit reset to start over.


These are 5 items I have used from the dollar store that got me 1 step closer to my weightloss goal. Losing weight doesn’t have to cost a lot we just have to look around and use what we have or whats near us.

Have you spent a lot on weight loss products? Have you tried or use any of these products?

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