1 Weightloss Lie You Should NOT Believe

There are so many lies that float around the internet and in books about weight loss. There are a whole bunch of lies that are told like lose 10 lbs in 3 days or get sexy abs in 30 minutes. Now we know that these are just a quick way to get our attention or our money. After they have our attention or our money they usually tag on a word to make us feel like these things will be a piece of cake.

The word that we should not believe about weight loss is


Books and many websites use the word easy as though it is just as simple as that 4 letter word some people tend to

Let me share with you how weigthloss is not easy but you can do it

E– Drop the excuses and start thinking of a workout you can do or a sensible meal you can have

A-Take action. Get active, join a class or join a group

S-Set goals to achieve in your weight loss make them think you can track and celebrate your big and small successes

Y– You are the constant factor in your weightloss journey and you have to take responsibility for where you are as well as where you want me to be

Do yourself a favor, don’t approach weight loss as if it will be easy. Actually approach weightloss knowing it will challenge but the success you will accomplish from the challenge will be worth it. I can’t say it will be easy but the better and improved you will make it appear easy in the future.


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