3 Reasons | You SHOULD Take Advice from Someone Unsuccessful

Have you ever had someone who isn’t very successful in life give you advice? Or that friend who is single and lonely giving you their relationship advice? Or the friend who never has money giving you financial advice?

Many of us have heard, take what you need after speaking to someone but leave what you don’t need.

Recently I came across someone giving me “unsolicited advice” about what education path I needed to take. But this person then retracted her statement and said “well do what you want with what I just said because I am in no shape to comment on this because I don’t have that myself”. I am glad she realized what she was doing. Offering advice I didn’t ask for.

First off you have to review YOUR definition of successful. What does successful mean to you? We all should want to take advice from people we consider successful. But would you take advice from someone that is unsuccessful?

I believe you should and let me tell you why.

3 REASONS you should take advice form unsuccessful people

  1. They can show you what not to do: Unsuccessful people usually have habits that they do. Record these habits and do the opposite. Don’t study unsuccessful behavior but understand it and do better.
  2. They can tell you what to do: Most people that are unsuccessful can pinpoint where they went wrong or why they didn’t succeed in an area. This is great, take note of these pitfalls they share with you and make it your mission to watch out for those pitfalls on your journey to success.
  3. Thy mean well: When unsuccessful people give unsolicited advice they mean well and are trying to make sure that you do better than them and not following in their unsuccessful footsteps. By sharing their failures they are hoping it will bring you success.

So don’t be so quick to write off or dismiss advice from someone unsuccessful. They can be an asset to your success, they can share with you one gem that could change your whole life.

Remember we can all learn something from anybody we come in contact with. Child, Elder or Peer.

Has someone unsuccessful ever tried to give you advice? Do you prefer taking advice from those who are successful or unsuccessful? Does it matter to you?


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