3 Characteristics of a “Weightloss” Snob

Losing weight and starting a lifestyle change is great. Some people get a boost in self-esteem when they accomplish a goal like losing weight. But what happens when this person turns into a weight loss snob that no one likes anymore because all they do is talk about weight loss.

I have come across a weight loss snob or two and I have to say that I am not a big fan. Because they were once struggling but now that they have had some success now they make others feel bad because they are not progressing.

Here are 3 characteristics of a weight loss snob

Criticizing others– A weight loss snob will look down on others because they are not losing weight or choosing a healthy life style. Sometimes they may make negative comments to or about others weight or choices that others are making.

All they talk about – A weight loss snob only speaks about their new life style. They let that consume them to a point that they cannot go one conversation without bringing up how much weight they have loss or their current weight loss goals to everybody and anybody who will listen to them.

Policing – A weight loss snob will make it their business to police the people around them about working out and eating. They may try to tell or lecture others about how the way they are living their life is wrong and how they need to lose a few pounds.

It can be easily to be judgment or want to recruit others to do as we do but we have to be careful with respecting others and crossing their boundaries.

If you meet a weight loss snob try to understand they are proud of their success but distance yourself from this person if they irritate you.

Are you a weight loss snob?  Have you meet a weight loss snob?

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