Review your daily Actions & Goals | Sound Cloud +Downloable Worksheet

The Car Chronicles-Do your actionsmatch with yourgoals-.png

Many of us want success and are motivated some days but not very much other days. Each day our small actions should lead us to a larger goal that we have created. Let’s all stay keep our goals in mind everyday and make our next move our best move.

Listen to me  Now on | Sound Cloud: Do your daily actions match up with your current goals?

Use this worksheet to organiza your goals | Goal Action Plan Worksheet

To all my getfits let’s keep accomplishing goals and gaining personal success in our lives.

This is something new I will be doing. I will record a topic and upload it on sound cloud every Monday for anyone to listen. The sound cloud series is called car chronicles, where I record in my car the thoughts about topics I believe many of us think and I will talk about it. You guys let me know what you think.

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