DIY: Jumpstart Your Weight loss | 5 Tips | Audio

The seasons are transitioning. Lots of people associate losing weight with summer, bikini bod and chiseled chest. The good news for YOU is, you can lose weight ANY time you decide not just for summer. Now let’s be clear you can use a time frame or event to motivate you to get to a goal by a certain time but that is not the end date that’s just a motivation date.

You have to be the decision maker on whether or not you would want to begin your new lifestyle change. You are now going into training when you make this wonderful decision.

If you are reading this, this maybe something you are thinking about or what can I add to my weight loss journey.

Asses: You need to find out your fitness level and medical status. You can reach out to your physician or fitness professional to find these things out or you can find out your body mass index (BMI), your caloric intake, current weight and measurements.

Begin: Choose when you will start. It has to be when you decide to start so that you stick to it. Research suggest most people start on Monday. I say start whenever you are ready and if you just can’t figure out. Then next Monday from the time you read is a great time to start.

Workout: Make sure to choose an exercise/workout that is comfortable for you. Do the recommended 3 days a week at 30 minutes a day, if you ae just starting you can increase as you get more familiar with the workouts you like. Do you like weightlifting, running, group fitness, at home workouts, swimming or tennis? Choose a workout you will like and you can handle.

Food: Whether you eat keto, low carbs, low calorie, counting calories, out of a container or meal prep .You have to be in a caloric deficit and find out what you caloric intake number is.

Support: Look for a support group online or in person. Reach out to someone who inspires you. Follow some fitness enthusiast or gurus on IG, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook. Look for motivation and help anywhere you can find it.

Let’s sum this up

  • Find out your caloric deficit, BMI, weight and measurements (arms, neck, thighs, hips and waist)
  • Start when you are ready or next Monday
  • Workout 3 days a week for 30 mins
  • Eat within your caloric deficit ( watch your sodium, carbs and sugars)
  • Get support in person or online places like (MyFitnessPal, diet bet, YouTube, IG, Snapchat and Facebook)

Listen to me go more in depth about each topic NOW

Sound Cloud: 5 Tips for your weight loss journey or lifestyle change regimine

Also …..

I am restarting my weight loss journey. I am back to being 15lbs from my weight loss goal.

Listen to what I will be doing now on sound cloud to make it to my weight loss goal.

Sound Cloud: Re-Starting My Weightloss Journey

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