F*** Word + Your Goals= Success

It is a dream killer, goal murderer, joy snatcher and ambition sabotager. Guess what we have something we can combat it with. This is bigger and better than fear any day and that’s FAITH.

Not fate but FAITH. The word faith gets thrown around will nillie but its real and it is the saver of our dreams, goals, joy and ambitions when fear tries to creep up and steal those things from us.

According to google faith is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”

According to the bible faith is “Faith is a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews , Chapter 11 : Verse 1)

Both of these definitions include believing, having confidence. We will add action to this because believing is wonderful and having confidence is great but you have to put all of these things in action in order to keep your faith strong and continue even to go after a goal when you don’t see the end of the tunnel

Believe: You have to believe in your goals and the things you want to accomplish. You can tell 1,000,000 people but if you don’t believe in your goals and self you are sending negative signals to your subconscious and you want to steer clear of negative thoughts and send out the good vibrations.

Confidence: You are probably thinking well isn’t belief similar to confidence it is, key word similar but not the same. You can believe but to have confidence is to stick by your goals at the times it seems like its not producing like you wish. You have confidence that the breakthrough for your goal is near.

Action: You have to take action. Make the call, send the email, and walk in that office. Whatever your goal is put and action to it. You cannot expect for faith to operate for you if you are doing nothing. Do your work and God will do the rest.

According to the bible “Though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him” ( James , Chapter 2 : Verse 14)

Let’s sum this up

Have FAITH in your goals

Believe in your goals. Have confidence in your goals. Take massive actions on your goals daily.

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