3 Ways to Address Life Trauma | Wellness Wednesday

Many of us experience traumas in life. Some of us view them as small and some of us view them as big. It’s not easy to share with others that we have been through traumas that affect things like relationship (kin and intimate) self esteem and our mental health.

Traumas in our lives leave both visible and invisible scares. Some people say visible wounds/scares would heal but what about those invisible scares that don’t, that lead us to

  • Keeping things bottled inside
  • Feeling ashamed to talk about
  • Getting angry at the drop the dime

All of us have to find ways to combat and deal with the traumas that we go through.

Here is what we may have to do

  1. Notice that there is some trauma that we have gone through and it effects us daily. We have to identify what traumas we may have.
  2. Write down how you feel about the emotions that derived from the traumas that you have experiences
  3. Reach out to others. You are not alone. Call a crisis hot line to speak to someone, share with a friend or family member you fee comfortable with and not judgmental, also seek professional help there are some counseling services that may be free or of low cost in your area.

Your wellness is important to and if a life trauma has hurt you then my friend we have to address. You deserve to live a happy life with minimal hindrances as possible. Stay healthy and happy.

I hope this helped 1 person out there.

How do you deal with life trauma?

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