How To Stop Playing Victim | Fitness Edition | SoundCloud

I just can’t be healthy. I cannot afford healthy food. I have been big boned all my life, so this is just the way it is. I feel sorry about being unhealthy, no nobody understands. My family never taught me how to be healthy.

Do any of those phrases ring a bell for you or someone around you? Those are comments of someone who is playing the victim role. This type of language and or behavior is easy to fall into. It is easy for some of us to realize that we can make a change whenever we want but instead of changing we become satisfied with the stories we have learned from childhood or what we tell ourselves today.

There are some obstacles that we do go through that may hinder us from choosing a healthier lifestyle that we cannot control such as illness, disease and immobility. But even some of these things can be monitored and improved upon.

We have to let go of accepting the victim role, playing the victim role or having these types of people around us.

Here are 3 strategies to stop playing the victim:

  1. Excuses: Drop the excuses because a lot of what we say hinders us is just an excuses and most things we can find our way around. You can’t afford healthy, buy from a discount store. You can’t afford the gym, go to the park and walk it is free. You can’t afford workout clothes, use an old t-shirt and sweat pants.
  2. Ownership: Take responsibility for where you currently are. Don’t blame your mom, spouse, kids or friends. The consistent variable in every situation you are in, is YOU. You must take a look at your health and learn how you can better it
  3. Lifestyle: Review your lifestyle and the things you can do to accommodate your health. Maybe you can walk during your lunch, cook 2 healthy meals a week, take the stairs at school, play with the kids, drink more water, and go get a medical exam at the doctor. Think about the great things your lifestyle can bring you if you took some time to review.

Let’s wrap this up. Stop the victim mentality

  • No more excuses
  • Take ownership for your current life
  • Review you lifestyle and see what can be altered for the better

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