How to Choose a Personal Trainer or Weight Loss Coach

A personal trainer or weight loss coach is an extension of you in a sense. They are the ones that evaluate your situation, create a plan and checks in on you to hold you accountable to the plan. Many of us have heard of the trainers from hell or the trainers that are just about the dollars but I want to come and share with you the 5 things you should review or keep in mind before your decide to choose a trainer and or coach.

This won’t be the regular old list that only forces you to scrutinize some trainer by some standards. This list will actually start with your reviewing yourself then the trainer.

Come on you should have known that I want you to be I a good head space before your start looking to hire a trainer/coach so let get into it


  1. Have you committed to change? Before your reach out to any trainer, give them your money and potentially waste your time YOU need to DECIDE that you will commit to yourself and know that personal trainer or coach is just a tool/support in your grand scheme of things.
  2. Is your lifestyle set up to add another person to it? Weird to ask huh but you need to make sure your life has the capacity to accept someone else in your life.


  1. Are they committed to you? They should be as excited about your journey or more. They should want you to succeed. You want someone you choose to be dedicated to you and your health.
  1. Did they create a specific plan just for you? They should ask you a series of questions so they could learn about you, your current status and what your goals are. Then they should provide you with a tailored plan made JUST FOR YOU. Not some random plan they have given every client. Even if they have a base line meal plan it should be tweaked to fit your needs.
  1. How available are they to you? They should be able to answer questions that you have. They should not leave you to fend for yourself. They should be in contact with you at least every 48 hours just to check in on you and see if you are on track. Even if it’s just a text or a personal message it should be some type of contact.


  • Do they have qualifications or social proof? How have they proven to you that their coaching and or training works. Is their personal story a reason why you believe them or in them, do they have testimonials from other people, can someone vouch that their coaching has helped them? Are they certified and if so are they willing to show you their certification or allow you to check with their governing certification body? They don’t have to be certified to be legit but social proof is very helpful. 
  • How interactive are they personally? Not how interactive is their assistant or their automated emails, but can you get in contact with them personally if you have additional questions.
  • Are your comfortable with the person? Do you even like the freaking person you are thinking about hiring as your trainer or coach? If you don’t or they have been rude when you asked simple questions you may want to look into someone else.

This list is not the end all or be all but it’s a great place to start. When you choose a trainer or coach you are choosing for someone to take you to another level in your fitness and or health, so please choose wisely.

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One thought on “How to Choose a Personal Trainer or Weight Loss Coach

  1. James Anderson says:

    I totally agree that one should choose a personal training coach that has social proof and have coached other people to reach their fitness goals, as this is a good evidence that they have indeed helped people to achieve the look that they want. I want to get a personal training coach so that I can be guided on the routines that I should do to get maximum results. I’ll certainly keep this in mind when choosing a personal training coach.

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