How to track Your Personal Fitness | Self-Help Worksheet Included

Let’s talk about what’s the best way to track your fitness. Notice I said fitness because some people have weight confused or mixed up with fitness. Your weight is a part of your fitness but it NOT the sole way to track your fitness.

Tracking your fitness can help you get a clear picture of where you currently are but where you can develop on work on.

Here is 3 step strategy that you can use to track your fitness.

  1. Goals: First you should decide what your fitness goals are. What do you want to work on and why do you want to be able to develop that specific part of fitness. DO you have a weight goal? Do you want to lose inches? DO you want to tone your body? DO you want to be able to bench press a certain amount? Do you want to lower your Body Mass Index (BMI)?
  2. Current Status: Then you want to move into where you currently are. Weigh yourself. Find out your BMI. Take your measurements. Write down what you are currently lifting as far as weights.
  3. Dates: Write down the day you log all your information. Also write down a date that you will return to review what you have written down.

Tracking your personal fitness takes some research on your part but the best part is that you are doing all the research on yourself so nobody knows you like you other than a doctor so set aside some time you track your fitness and reviewing it monthly to make sure that you are on target for where you are trying to take your fitness to.

Of course I could just write this and not give you a place to start. Here is a worksheet that you can use as a starting point. You can add or take away whatever you see fit for yourself.

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