Photo ready…who me :)

Hey everyone so I am a whopping 160 lbs this morning. Officially 3 pounds from my 2nd goal.

1st goal was 50 pounds (Took some time but I did it)

2nd goal is 80 pounds (Almost there scratching and kicking)

Final goal is 100 pounds (Yikes) I have some ways to go (Please Pray for me)

Well I said to my self when I am 5 pounds to my 2nd goal I would find a photographer and


Well guess what folks my photo shoot has been paid for and scheduled. With a real professional photographer .. I cannot believe it.. I would never have thought to do this about a year ago.

I am kind of excited …then it hit me OMG I have to prepare for a photo shoot

  1. I need to lose the 3 pounds to get to 80lbs loss (I will focus on the 3 lbs if I lose more fine, the entire premise was to take the photo at 80 lbs loss)
  2. I need clothes ( Purchasing clothes for me has been a hassle because I keep loosing weight and once I think I am one size I find out that I am not)
  3. I need to figure out my hair style and make up  ( my hair and make up need to be gorgeous )
  4. What kind of pose will I do? I am not a professional. I’m sure the photographer will suggest some things but I don’t want to look weird or awkward.

I will share my photos . My before(OMG scary but it is where I was) and my after (The hard work and dedication).

Have you done a photo shoot? What did you do to prepare? Were you nervous? Any suggestions ?

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