Discover the Best YOU This “FALL” Season | Worksheet + Audio

Welcome to fall everyone! Its that time of the year to pull out your scarf, hot cocoa and pea coats. The leaves are changing and its time to figure out what the heck do you want the rest of the year to bring for YOU.

Its time to get clear on what words will lead you for the rest of the year.  BUT you also want to decide now what you want from 2017 as well. Yes you read correctly that was not a typo you have to start deciding what you want to get out of this year 2016 and next year 2017. No you don’t have to wait for a new year resolution to start deciding what you want from next year.

Last fall I wrote this post. Check it out here –> 3 Word for a Happy Fall Season and I want to do it again for this year since it brought so much success last year.

I want YOU to choose 3 words that will lead you for the rest of the year and will welcome what you desire to accomplish in 2017.

Here are my 3 words for fall and why

  1. Execute– I chose execution because I don’t want to just talk about or write about what I will do but guess what I actually want to follow through on the idea I speak about. More doing, less talk.
  1. Share – I want to share my knowledge and information with anyone who would like it. I don’t want to hold on to information if it can help anyone else.
  1. Give– I want to give more from the bottom of my heart. I want to give more to people in need.

My theme appears to be contribution to others

Now it is your turn. 2016 is still yours and you want to bring in 2017 with a bang

You have to roll up your sleeves and start thinking.

Use this wellness worksheet | Wellness Worksheet

Use this goal sheet | Goal Action Plan Worksheet

Listen to a special guest and me NOW | Sound Cloud: 3 Words to End the Year with 

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