Challenge : 3 Day Sexy Slim Down

I am organizing a 3 day challenge for ANYONE who is:

  • Starting or currently on a weightloss journey
  • desiring  a lifestyle change
  • Wanting support for weightloss
  • Needing accountability
  • In need of a place to begin

I am doing this for 2 few reasons

  • I wish someone would have done this for me when I started my weightloss journey.. I was so lost
  • I have participated in challenges and want to provide what I saw was lacking

**This is FREE! I am not asking you to buy anything from me.. no meal plans, shakes or services. The information and support I will provide are for giving purposes only**I want to give to people who need/want help with weight loss but may not know where to start and or how to continue**

If you want to participate



email me at

“get your mind right and your body will be right too”


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