Product Thursday: Cali Girl Brand- Dieters’ Drink

THIS THING IS THE TRUTH. This tea does what it says it will.. It cleans you out.

*TMI (too much info) ALERT** If you are looking for a cleanse/colon cleanse/bowel movement enchancer/ something to assist you with a cleanse you before clean eating don’t look any further or spend any more money this is all you need.

I have a love hate relationship with this tea I will be honest with you guys and here is the **TMI ALERT**. I am irregular, I only have bowel movements about every 3 to 4 days and there have been times I’ve gone longer with out a turd drop lol okay now back to the product.

This claims to assists in weight loss. This *for me* is some what true because everything you eat will come right out about 1 or 2 hours later. I say somewhat because they got it right.. is ASSISTS** in weight-loss your still have to eat decent and get in some exercise.

I love about this product

  • Affordable.. cost me a $1 and saw it on amazon for as low as $2.99. 12 teas in 1 box
  • It comes with simple and honest directions
  • 3 Ingredients: malva verticellata (Chinese mallow laxative type leaf), senna leaf (laxative type leaf),100% natural tea leaf
  • Cleans you completely out. (I went to restroom(#2)  5 times in 1 day)
  • Everything I ate came right out
  • You don’t need to drink a lot before it starts working ( I had 2 teas and that was enough)

I hate about this product

  • Taster of senna leaf does have a strong taste/ after taste … like you will burp the next day and still taste senna leaf
  • Makes you go to the restroom too much . ( I was thinking 1 or 2 times not 5)
  • The cramping before the bowel movement was not horrific but who likes discomfort..nobody

If you will drink this tea.. I suggest

  1. Prepare to stay home or if you will take at work be as close as possible to a restroom
  2. Prepare for cramping or minor stomach ache that is an indicator to start heading to the restroom
  3. Only take 1 or 2. Take one the night before you want it to work and it might start working in the morning. Drink `1 more the morning after the 1st one and wait a few hours and it will start to work
  4. You can cut the taste with lemon so it won’t be that harsh on your taste buds and stomach
  5. Use sparingly not everyday but maybe once a week or even every 2 weeks

Overall speak with your Physician about this tea or senna leaf or Chinese mallow leaf in general to see if it is something your body can handle.

Have you ever used this tea or something similar? What was your experience?

“get your mind right and your body will be too”


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