Day 3 of 8:(SICK) Green Smoothie Cleanse


Hey WPfam. I am sick well I don’t think I’m not full blown sick and this has nothing to do with the cleanse.  I finally moved into my new house. I went from living in the city to the valley. The climate is different and it hit me Friday night but last night I bought some cough medicine and contact. I feel much better today. Now, lets get to this cleanse.  I made it through day 2. Down 2 more lbs. I felt fine didn’t feel overly hungry.  I ate my snacks slow and drank my smoothies slow as well.
Today’s smoothie and snacks


Smoothie is Apple berry
Snacks are
1/2 cup guava
1/2 cup cucumber
1 boiled egg
9 raw/unsalted cashews (I ate before thinking about taking the photo)

This morning I finally made it to the gym
40 mins Elliptical
10 sets 10 reps 50lbs lat pulls
5 sets 10 reps 60lbs row

When I got home after the gym. I started preparing my snacks and smoothie I became light headed.  I ran to lay down …laid down for a couple of minutes then got up and grabbed some cashews to hold me over while my smoothie was finished and chilled.

The book im using on for this cleanse describes different detox symptoms a person may experience.  Which leads me to speak about deciding to do a cleanse.
If you want to do a cleanse:

-Mindset: You have to know why you are doing the cleanse. Resetting your body? Lose weight? Detoxing?  Jumpstart a weightloss journey?  Make sure you know your why and keep it in the front of your mind as a reminder.
-Prepare: Get ready to be uncomfortable yes..I said it uncomfortable. Yes there will be good days and bad days. Prepare for feeling hungry, nauseous, and irritable.

Im keeping my eyes on the prize. Make it to the finish line.

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