Day 4 of 8: (Not another damn smoothie)Green Smoothie cleanse

Today should be interesting.  I am going back to work today. I have been off since Wednesday.  So back to the daily grind.  Why did I agree to start a cleanse over a weekend , while I moved in my new house and during being off of work. My office is right where the microwave is, so I will smell all the sweet and savory aromas while I sit there and drink my oh so yummy smoothie. Pray for me.
Now to the smoothie and snack for today.


Smoothie- Berry Peachy
1/2 cup cucumbers
1/2 cup guava
6 baby carrots

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle I just couldn’t drink the last smoothie im just SO tired of these DAMN smoothies(after this I dont wanna see another freaking smoothie for weeks) OH DID I TELL YOU MY SISTER WANTS TO DO THIS AGAIN…she has lost her marbels…and we havent even finished this 1. Im in but damn can’t we finish this 1 first lol sorry for my mini rant… So I read the book and it said to at least drink 2 smoothies and before you even think about quitting have more snacks. I ran to the refrigerator when I read that part. I grabbed me 20 peanuts and 10 grapes. I felt like I was eating a cheese burger.  This morning I am 0.8 lbs down. Not as major as the first 2 days but ill take that.
I did feel hungry yesterday but we will see about today .Ill have so much work to catch up with at work I don’t even think ill have time to think about being hungry.
Ill keep you guys posted.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 of 8: (Not another damn smoothie)Green Smoothie cleanse

    • gojenbefit says:

      It is a killer. But you did it! Oh yeah I know the pounds will creep back up. The book gives you strategies to ease back into solids. Will I follow that ? Uh heck no I want a turkey burger well done with cheese NOW lol thanks for posting your comment. I highly appreciate you!


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