Day 5 of 8: (Cheese Burger…Please) Green Smoothie Cleanse

WordPress Family can anyone of you pre-order me a burger for Saturday morning. Yes for breakfast Saturday morning I have MAJOR plans to order me up a nice, big & juicy burger. I’m still hanging in there. I just have to make it until Friday night.

Today has me really thinking.

  • I have read and watched so many reviews that have said around day 4 you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ha! what a load of bologna!! Yes I feel good but not no more good than I already felt but I will admit my smell senses are enhanced to the max. My co-worker walked by with a plate of food I could smell the aroma linger from across the room. I wanted to snatch the plate and scarf it down ( okay maybe I am being DRA-MATIC)

  • I have read that today’s smoothie : Peach Berry Spinach was suppose to be the highlight of this cleanse. Many people claiming its the best 1 of all. I had my breakfast smoothie and it taste good but thought it would taste better. So far my favorite is Day 1 Berry Green Smoothie. We all have different taste buds.

The cool thing about this cleanse is the smoothies can be found in myfitnesspal so it can still be logged.

This takes some focus, support and will to do this. But it is do-able. My sister seems much more grounded about this cleanse than me. All I can think about is cheeseburger….mmmmmm burrr—gerrrr. LOL

Oh this morning I was 0.4lbs down . Ill take that. I want to make these last days on this cleanse count and get in the gym. I’ve been pretty relaxed with my workouts I will workout today, tomorrow and Thursday. Friday Ill take it easy and prepare for my burger 🙂

Ill be checking in tomorrow.


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