Day 6 of 8: (Surprise party for me??) Green Smoothie Cleanse

I have temporary fallen off the FULL green smoothie cleanse. Yesterday I went modified. Modified with juicing or smoothies means you have 1 sensible meal and two smoothies. Preferably 1 smoothie for breakfast and 1 for lunch then a sensible dinner of 400 calories or less. I remixed it because breakfast and dinner smoothie and  snacked for lunch sensible I believe.

1. I was hungry but 2. my lovely co-workers threw me



There was food, snacks and desserts. I stood there as my co-workers waited for me to dig in the food but I took half of a sausage, 1 heaping table spoon of potato salad and a piece of sushi roll. Everyone asked “THATS IT” why not more? I said I am cleansing. Some people understood while someone didn’t hesitate to say “ we did all this for you an you’re not even gonna eat” but I just politely acted like I didn’t hear that comment, and proceeded to wrap up what I put on my plate. I took my plate, put it in my office and returned to the festivities. I even had to cut a chocolate cake that I didn’t get a piece of. ( oh the agony and pain as I watched others eat chocolate cake with my name on it…. lol literally)

I received wonderful cards, gift cards, $ and nice gifts. I am thankful for my co-workers and I expressed that to them.

Now back to the cleanse


Smoothie for today is Mango grape green

Snacks for today is

Handful of raw and unsalted peanuts

1 plum

1/2 cup of cucumbers

I am down 0.4 lbs. Small victory but i’ll take it . Also I did not work out like I said I would yesterday.

Moral of this post things will get thrown at you like wonderful surprise parties. Yes we can all be strict but in life sometimes you have to be flexible.

Thanks for reading. I’ll make it to Friday whether its full cleanse or modified. No time for giving up. I am so happy this book offered modified  as an option.


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