You know you’re a FITNESS JUNKIE when….

Who would have ever thought some of us would be fitness junkies. I admit I pledged I would never set foot into a gym, I declared I would never purchase a at home work out dvd or protein powder and I chanted that I would always eat what I wanted whenever I wanted  but that all went out the window when I started to see and was reminded that my health needed some improvement.

Now I’m what some of us would call a Fitness junkie, Fitness enthusiast or Gymrat.

Whatever the term used… you can probably relate.

You know you are a Fitness Junkie when

  1. 50% of your current wardrobe happens to be workout clothes. I went washing yesterday and I don’t even remember how I ended up with all these workout clothes.
  2. You only listen to certain songs at the gym/during a workout. There are specific songs that get me pumped. I only listen to them in the gym or during a workout and when it plays in my car I hurry to change the station or song . 
  3. You have 5+ water or blender bottles. I only have 1 mouth why do I have so many cups to drink water or protein shakes out of. Every time I see a new design or color I feel compelled to buy it. 
  4. You find yourself working out on your rest days. I swear to my self on every rest day I would do just  but some how I end up doing a 30 min work out or doing a few sets with the weights. But shouldn’t I be resting?
  5. You review the labels to things you didn’t before. I found my self looking at the labels for honey. I checked out 6 honeys before I choose 1.

These are just a few things that may lead me to know I was a fitness junkie and you are not alone.

Can you add something? How do you know you are a fitness junkie?

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