Excuse me, may I be controversial for a moment: Surgery vs. Natural Weightloss

Here ye… here ye… calling all those who want to weigh in on the so privately discussed topic but not talked about very publicly topic of surgery or natural weight loss.

Me and my close friend had the following discussion—->>> someone close to her is getting weight loss surgery but her , herself has lost 40lbs and is on the fence on weather her friend should try to lose weight or just prepare for surgery BUT this friend is about 300+ lbs and it has been brought to her attention that her weight is a health issue for her therefore weight loss surgery is suggested as her #1 option.

So here I virtually stand asking you the so “touchy” question that I WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINION ON

  1. Should individuals have weight loss surgery or should they lose weight naturally?


5 thoughts on “Excuse me, may I be controversial for a moment: Surgery vs. Natural Weightloss

  1. shellyray says:

    This is a great question and I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on it! Personally, I am all for positivity and loving yourself, and to me getting surgery is like saying “I’m not good enough the way I was created.” Now, that’s not to say people shouldn’t lose weight naturally, since that is obviously changing the way you look too, but to me that is different somehow because it is not artificially done. If that makes sense haha. With that said, I think it is every individual’s decision of course. I would just personally never get surgery no matter how unhappy I was about my body.

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Thanks you for sharing your opinion. Im on the fence apart of me believes if it is a medical condition and no other options yes but if people are doing it just to get smaller quick without putting in the work then no.


    • gojenbefit says:

      With surgery my opinion is i see or hear of ppl getting 1 surgery then all of a sudden doing many others then it starts an individual trend to be quick to alter 1s body.. Thank you for commenting 🙂


      • JentheChin says:

        I have had two friends die from elective surgery. One gastric bypass and one skin removal. Too close to home for me. It’s hard to stay the course though. Weight loss is so slow. I understand the draw of surgery.

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